My name is Josue and I have had an interesting journey in the 26 years that I have been on this planet. It got extremely interesting though when I got Kidney stones even after going vegan but I made the mistake of being a junk food vegan. It was not a mistake though because I no longer believe in mistakes and that everything happens for a reason and this “mistake” led to me realizing that without my health nothing matters. I told myself that I would not end up back here and about a month later I had lost my appetite for cooked and processed foods. I had to force them down my throat but then I realized that fruits and vegetables went down easily so without much thought I began eating raw and the changes were almost instant. I started waking up early every day and had an incredible amount of energy. I became more loving and more patient. My personality changed drastically until I got to the point where I could finally express myself. Not the self that my earthly existence convinced me I was but the self that I have always been and always will be, my Higher Self. I remembered that I was one with everything and that everything was connected . This connection is what most of us have forgotten. We have been running away from our higher selves so we have not been able to express ourselves in the right way. So I share this knowledge through various mediums in order to raise the frequency of every soul that comes into contact with me in the hopes of helping people to realize who they really are so that I can hear them RAW.