How many of you out there have heard this before? I know I have. For as long as I remember this thought has been with me and has governed my life in so many ways. I never have before questioned my beliefs about money I thought what I knew about it already was the truth. From what I heard from family, strangers, friends, the news and even music money was an issue. “More money more problems.” Thinking about it now it does not even make sense because they claim how money and issue and are yet in an endless race to get more. Clearly money alone cannot bring happiness but it can’t be all bad right? I am here to shed some light on the subject and share my new beliefs towards money.

Belief Systems (BS)

Everything in life is energy including money. In fact we are beings of pure energy ourselves which in turn means that money is an extension of ourselves. What we believe about ourselves determines how much money we have. Our different beliefs towards money can cause us to feel as if we do not deserve money or to push money away because we fear what it may do to us. If we do not believe that we deserve money or fear it we will not be able to take action towards achieving abundance which is our birthright. Look around you look at nature and how abundant it is. Nature shows us who we truly are! The characteristics of nature can be found in all of us because we came from nature… we are nature.We are meant to have everything we desire and more but now we call this being greedy. Once we have connected with our true selves we can begin to change our beliefs therefore changing our standards. We will no longer settle for anything less than we deserve. We have to see poverty as one of the biggest sins there is. What is holy about not being able to provide for your family, worrying about bills, settling for poor quality foods and not having control over your own life? We were meant to live like KINGS. We were all meant to live live kings and you succeeding does not mean that someone else fails. That is another lie that we have been told. Go within and find out what beliefs you have towards money and be aware of the ones that are holding you back. It is crucial that they are drowned out by new empowering beliefs.


We are what we believe so in order to change our reality we have to reprogram ourselves consciously. We came into this world like a sponge just absorbing whatever came to us and through that we accumulated a lot of CRAP. It is now time to go within and clean ourselves out and then install an anti-virus to keep our system running efficiently towards our ideal reality. REPETITION REPETITION REPETITION!! As my mentor Alain Dagba would say “tap tap.” In order to get the nail into the wood you have to tap it more than once and this is the same when it comes to our beliefs. What we believe now was not just told to us once. We heard it from many different sources before finally repeating it to ourselves day in and day out until it became our truth. We can use the same method to reverse these effects and allow out new beliefs to guide us. We can do this by using reading books, listening to audio and using affirmations to prime ourselves to start manifesting abundance. Give your subconscious mind the tools it needs in order to help you reach your goal. This should be done daily and combined with affirmations. Simply say “I AM..” followed by whatever you desire to be with conviction as if it is true. For better results do this while in front of a mirror. ex. I am abundance. I am wealthy. I am intelligent. Done correctly these new “I AM’s” will overpower the old ones and allow you to take the right actions towards your dream.


We cannot forget about using our imagination. Everything that is in this world now was imagined by someone. It was first a thought a thought that became so clear and had enough energy put behind it until it had no choice but to manifest. The outside world is a reflection of our inner world. “As within so without. If we do not create it inside of us it can never manifest. We are master creators and we are going to create whether we do it consciously or not. Many of us create unconsciously therefore we create an undesirable reality. Now that we know better we will consciously use all the tools at our disposal to create our heaven on earth. For something to manifest we have to know what we want then we have to be able to see it clearly. This is when imagination comes into play. Dream about it. Day dream about it. Draw it. Put it in your wall. Immerse yourself in your desired reality so that your subconscious has no choice but to find a way to make it a reality. Once this happens action will come naturally and effortlessly. There will be a lot of work involved but now you are acting from a higher frequency. You are connected to your intuition(built in GPS) which will allow you to make the right decisions. You will not be working as hard as others because you are no longer living by chance. You know what you want because you have already achieved it within you.